Prayer & Intercession

Prayer & Intercession

Pre-Service Prayer

Pre-Service prayer is about ministering to God. We gather together and cultivate an environment that is welcoming for God to come and dwell. Our part is to magnify His name in everything. As we learn to host Holy Spirit, He speaks to us and we pray out what He is revealing.

Meets in the prayer room on Sunday mornings from 9:00-9:45AM prior to service.

Finding Father’s Heart

Finding Father’s Heart is a place to practice receiving revelation from our Heavenly Father. Our only agenda is to sense, hear, see, smell, and feel what He is saying. We do this by resting in His presence and listening to music/ worship and recording what we sense, hear, see, smell, and feel. Then we share with one another what we have recorded and practice praying what He has said.

This meets on Wednesday nights in the Prayer room in the south hallway at 7PM at Powell Campus.

Platform Intercession

Platform Intercession is a team of intercessors that intercede on the platform for the worship team, the congregation, visitors, staff, and whatever else God reveals to us. Our desire is to enhance worship and God encounters for all. We do this by praying, declaring and releasing what God reveals. Ask anyone in pre-service prayer or Finding Father’s Heart for more info!

Weekly Tuesday Intercession

This format is a “come and go” on Tuesday mornings in the prayer room from 8-9:30AM at Zion Powell to pray for the corporate vision of Zion and the things on God’s heart for individuals, the region and the movement of the Spirit in the world today.