Love After Marriage

Love After Marriage

From the moment we say I do, we all desire to have a strong and intimate marriage, and yet so few people are actually experiencing this with their spouse. Love After Marriage is a 12-week course that helps couples connect on a deep and intimate level so they can experience the kind of marriage they’ve hoped for.

By going through LAM, you will:
• Learn how to develop deeper intimacy by inviting God to play an active role in your relationship.
• Practice implementing simple and practical tools that will help you build and protect your connection. With the right tool set, even the most stressful and difficult of problems becomes an opportunity to become even closer with your spouse.
• Gain insight and wisdom on how to further connect on an emotional, sexual and spiritual level.

We will be holding an interest meeting at Zion Powell on December 20 directly following our Sunday morning service. This will be a place to ask comprehensive questions and gain a better understanding of the purpose of the course. If you would like to register for Love After Marriage, you must attend this interest meeting.

This class will be hosted by Ryan and Alicia Meyers. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with them at 614-989-2157.


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