We are a community of young adults cultivating relationships as family to go after one thing: to intimately know God.

Who: Young Adults ages 18-29

When: Friday Nights 

Encounter God

Our pursuit is clear and open. We are a group of people who are passionately pursuing Jesus. We learn from Him, and have found that encountering God is our primary meaning of life. Our lives are changed as we encounter His love, power and voice! Everyone is welcome to know this God!

Discover Community

We are not built to do life alone. We are not meant to be anonymous or hidden. We are created for connection and community! We find that Jesus is in the powerfully working in our lives through people around us. Community is where masks can come down, hearts can be healed and destiny discovered. Community is where we belong, and there is always one more seat available.

Find Purpose

As we encounter God and discover community, we find the voice of God speaking to us about our destinies. Each person is unique and has a specific set of giftings, talents and anointing that no one else carries. Growing into our purpose is a byproduct of a family that is vulnerable, authentic and filled with God's presence!

Don't Hesitate, Learn More!

We'd love to connect with you.