Relational Wellness

Relational Wellness

Pre-Marital Coaching

We are excited to be a part of guiding you towards a Christ-centered marriage that will be healthy and whole. Our pre-martial coaching consists of 4 sessions. Please fill out the application to begin your pre-marital journey.

Marriage Coaching

Are you ready to elevate your marriage with a better, stronger connection? Regardless if you have a marriage that is still honeymooning or if you are in need of communication breakthrough, marriage coaching is right for you. Please complete an application to begin your marriage coaching journey.

Relational Wellness Pastors


Vyts (pronounced Veets) and Teresa Kulpa are Certified Human Behavior Consultants, Certified Marriage Consultants, as well as Certified Life/Marriage Coaches.

Originally from the East Coast, they have served in multiple areas of ministry for over 25 years. As Relational Wellness Pastors at Zion and using their strong and healthy family inheritance, they live to build a legacy in the Body of Christ of wholeness to relationships. The wealth that God has given in their marriage journey of 30 years, which continues to be joyfully celebrated, has brought forth the most fabulous inheritance of family consisting of 3 lovely daughters, 3 wonderful son-in-laws and 5 absolutely precious grandchildren!