Revival Communities

Revival Communities

Revival Community

A Revival Community (RC) is a community of Christians on mission with God, fully depending on the Spirit, showing and sharing the gospel of Jesus among a specific pocket of people.Our community life and strongest expression of “church” is found in our Revival Communities. RC’s are relational environments of around 5-20 people that feel kind of like a family reunion. Each RC has a specific flavor as each is creating a community with different people and in different places. As you can imagine, an artist’s RC is quite different from an RC geared towards young families, and both can look quite different from an RC whose heart is to bring life to the homeless community. Whatever their distinction, they are the main way we live out relationships UP, IN and OUT.

UP: to grow in our relationship with God and understand our identity in Him.

IN: to grow closer together in fellowship and relationships — they are environments where we can become disciples of Jesus together, if we are intentional about it.

OUT: to serve — each RC is centered around a common mission to reach out to a specific neighborhood, sector or demographic in Columbus in Jesus’ name.

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